YOUR SPECTACULAR GIFT OF CLAIRSENTIENCE (Inner Feeling/Empathy) When you go shopping do you automatically reach out and touch the dress or shirt on a mannequin or rack before deciding to consider it, or pick up the fruit or vegetable in the grocery store and heft it a couple of times in your hand before dropping… Continue reading PART IV OF YOUR SIXTH SENSE SUPERPOWER


YOUR AMAZING GIFT OF CLAIRAUDIENCE Hello, I’m so glad you’re here! Have you ever had an idea pop into your head fully formed? With complete understanding? That’s your gift of clairaudience talking. That’s right – we all receive psychic impressions every day of our lives. The only reason we may dismiss them or not even… Continue reading PART III OF YOUR SIXTH SENSE SUPERPOWER


Part Two of Your Sixth Sense Superpower Hello, I’m so glad you’re here! Psychic, intuition, sixth sense, telepathy, hunches, precognition, prophecy; these are words that conjure up confusion, skepticism, doubt, and even fear in our minds. For many of us, they speak of mysterious, shadowy subjects that we would rather forget about. But what if… Continue reading PSYCHIC PERCEPTION AND YOUR AMAZING GIFT OF CLAIRVOYANCE

Your Sixth Sense Superpower

We live in a vast, invisible world of pure energy that records everything happening in it. For example, every thought we have is broadcast into this ether to be picked up by anyone at any time, just like a radio, video, or television signal. Birds and animals who migrate with the seasons tune into this… Continue reading Your Sixth Sense Superpower


When was the last time you got through a day without feeling stress? Can’t remember? I can relate. That’s why, a long time ago, I began looking for a way to find peace in a hectic world. To be the calm center in the middle of the hurricane. To reap the benefits as the hurricane… Continue reading SELF-CARE FOR YOUR SOUL


I thought you might like some background on this cleansing thing. Maybe I should have posted this article first, but too late. You get the background after the process, but I think you can handle it. So, what is your aura and why is it important? All life on earth is made up of both… Continue reading SPRING CLEANING II

Spring Clean Your Aura All Year ‘Round

You may have figured out that I am all about developing our full potential. We humans have so much potential that we’ve not even begun to explore. No fault of our own. It just hasn’t been on the front burner very long (only about 70 years). But now that we are moving into a new… Continue reading Spring Clean Your Aura All Year ‘Round

Spiritual Psychotherapy?

After graduating from college, I had my first panic attack. It happened when I was riding the bus. I’d never heard of, never mind experienced, a panic attack. It was terrifying. Not only was the fear overwhelming, but the embarrassment of having it in a public place added to the horror. All I could do… Continue reading Spiritual Psychotherapy?

What’s This Blog About?

This blog is about what’s going on in the world right now, but more importantly, it’s about us – you and me. What are we doing here? Why are we here at this time in history? How come all this chaos is happening now? Where are we going? I believe that no one is here… Continue reading What’s This Blog About?