How to Heal Your Life: 6

Issues are blessings, as they are opportunities for healing. Nobody likes to face their emotional issues – nobody. I think it’s because we are taught to make ourselves wrong about our stumbling blocks. We shouldn’t have them in the first place. When you think about this, it makes no sense. Everybody has issues, everybody has… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life: 6

How to Heal Your Life: 5

Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. This one is an in-your-face reality check for me, and probably for most of us. We are taught by society that if we’re not the victor, we’re the victim. And we’re powerless to change. We’ve been taught for so long that the answers are out there somewhere,… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life: 5

How to Heal Your Life: 3

Everyone has the potential, resources, and destiny to graduate. Have you ever worried about anything or anyone? What a silly question, right? We’ve all had lots of practice worrying about someone or something in our lives. It’s because we want answers, we want results, we want what’s best for ourselves and others, but we don’t… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life: 3

How to Heal Your Life: 2

The curriculum of life is gaining experience for learning and growing. Do you remember when you were in first grade learning to count? First you learned to count to 100 by 1s and then by fives and tens, then how to count by twos to 40, and how to add and subtract two-digit numbers. Your… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life: 2

How to Heal Your Life: 1

This is the second in a series of posts about spiritual principles I learned on my journey toward self-understanding. If you missed it, the first post, “How to Heal Your Life” lists the 15 principles this series is based on. This post addresses the first principle on the list. 1. Earth Is A School I… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life: 1

How to Heal Your Life

I haven’t posted for a long time because I’ve been rewriting my book, which has turned out to be a bigger project than I’d anticipated. But I miss writing for this blog, so I decided to squeeze blog posts into my schedule when I can. I love the subject for this post and thought I’d… Continue reading How to Heal Your Life

In A Hurry?

  In America, we’re all about action, accomplishment, getting it done – and the faster the better. We are willing to drive ourselves mercilessly to get what we want, measure up, impress the boss, and be admired for our productivity. We accept pressure as a matter of course. Good news! This insanity is only societal… Continue reading In A Hurry?

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