How to Heal Your Life: 3

Everyone has the potential, resources, and destiny to graduate.

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Have you ever worried about anything or anyone? What a silly question, right? We’ve all had lots of practice worrying about someone or something in our lives. It’s because we want answers, we want results, we want what’s best for ourselves and others, but we don’t have the solution, or what we think the solution should be. If only they would take our advice, if only we could find the answer.

What if everyone already has all the answers for him- or herself? What if the answers show up when we, or they, are ready?

What if you help yourself first so you could be there for others from a place of strength when they need you? What if you turn your attention to learning how to overcome your own challenges so you can help others from a place of inner peace? We have learned to judge ourselves mercilessly for having emotional issues. Learning to see these issues as information instead of personal flaws will transform your life. And help with these issues is available when you need it.

I believe everyone on earth was born for a purpose and was born with the inner resources to fulfill that purpose. The trouble is, most of us have forgotten why we are here. However, there are clues that can show us the way if we pay attention to them. The most important clues are hidden in the things you enjoy doing, those things you most likely put on the back burner until all the other things in life are taken care of.

We all have talents and abilities that can lead to inner and outer fulfillment. Making room in our lives for them can lead to the excitement, fun, and contentment we deserve. Making room in your life for just one activity you love can reduce your stress levels significantly and start you on the path to fulfilling the purpose you were born for.

“Follow your bliss,” said Joseph Campbell more than fifty years ago; three simple words that have the power to change your life.

Live your purpose, love your life.

By liveyourpurposeloveyourlife

I'm a retired soul-centered psychotherapist. Along with doing research and art work, I want to share with you some ideas that may help you on your journey through life.

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