Seeing Ancient Wisdom Through New Eyes

We humans are gifted with tremendous potential which, unfortunately, has been hidden away in fear. In the past forty years, science has begun to catch up with the spiritual wisdom of ancient religions and philosophies. Instead of insisting that the universe is purely mechanical, quantum physics is showing something different.

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Until recently, science has been exclusively about the physical attributes of our world. Thanks to greatly improved technology, science has discovered the vast, invisible ocean of energy we live in, proving that we are all connected – not separate, as classical science has taught.

Quantum mechanics is scientifically proving that thoughts are things, and that we humans affect not only our world, but the entire universe simply by feeling our feelings and thinking our thoughts. This is very important. It changes the way we see life and has profound implications.

For example, intuition/psychic ability no longer has to be a shadowy, frightening concept. Science has discovered that it is the harmony between our heart and our brain that opens up our sensitivity to the sea of energy we live in, called the quantum field. And the quantum field is full of information that is available to anyone who has the desire to discern it.

In this 30-minute video, at minute 19:30, Gregg Braden explains how science says intuition works.

What does this mean? It means science and spirit are coming together; our inner perception is recognized by science as a valid part of our makeup. Those who want proof of this previously hidden, even taboo, capability now have it. Perhaps the opportunity to look at it from a scientific perspective will help people gain understanding.

As Gregg Braden says, we all have spontaneous experiences of psychic perception, or intuition. Now we can have those experiences at will, if we choose.

What will you choose?

Live your purpose, love your life.

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