Spiritual Psychotherapy?

After graduating from college, I had my first panic attack. It happened when I was riding the bus. I’d never heard of, never mind experienced, a panic attack. It was terrifying. Not only was the fear overwhelming, but the embarrassment of having it in a public place added to the horror. All I could do was sit, stone-faced, in my seat and hope to God I wouldn’t pass out. Which, thankfully, I didn’t. By the time I got to my stop, it was over.

That experience led me to seek psychotherapy. I was in talk therapy for a year, and it helped to a degree. That is, I experienced some lifting of emotional pressure, but not the freedom of resolution I craved. Even though the panic attacks faded way, I still had the fears.

It wasn’t until about ten years later, when I began my exploration of metaphysics and spiritual awareness that I began to find resolution of my fears. Somehow, healing happened on a deep level when my heart and soul were engaged as I began to learn about my spiritual self.

Chaldean numerology put the cherry on top of the sundae for me. It helped me see how I could use my passions, which I had formerly learned were unimportant, to build a fulfilling life. I learned three things from my numerology profile (Chaldean Soul Chart).

First, the revelation of my strengths and talents validated me. I stopped putting my inner desires on the back burner of my life and recognized them as the roadmap to my fulfillment.

Second, my specific emotional issues were revealed so I had clarity about what was troubling me.

Third, I learned that, since I had chosen these challenges, I had the power to resolve them. In my mind, challenges became a part of life, something to learn from, rather than something to run away from or judge myself for.

Understanding myself as a spiritual being having a physical experience showed me possibilities I had never considered before. Allowing myself to pursue my passions offered me opportunities to create a life I could love. I was excited about life again. In my counseling practice, I found that, in addition to soul-centered talk therapy, directly engaging the heart and soul (the source of our inner wisdom) through processes like Transformational Breathing, Past Life Recall, energy healing with crystals, the Chaldean Soul Chart, and the I Am Transformation enabled my clients to experience profound understanding of who they are. I found that engaging the heart and soul is the key to healing because it opens us to the deep level of loving that we instinctively know is our source of inner peace, happiness, and contentment.

By liveyourpurposeloveyourlife

I'm a retired soul-centered psychotherapist. Along with doing research and art work, I want to share with you some ideas that may help you on your journey through life.