Who Am I?

Hello! I’m so happy you are here. I am a retired soul-centered psychotherapist who still feels the need to share what I know about human nature with the idea that some of my experience may help you along your way.

“What is soul-centered psychotherapy?” you may ask. It’s a spiritually-oriented (not religious) way to learn who we are and use that knowledge to heal the emotional issues that are holding us back. It involves learning to use our inner wisdom to help us create a deeply fulfilling life.

Let me explain by sharing a little of my background with you. During my teen-age years, I became fascinated with psychic phenomena. This was way back in the 1950s when there wasn’t much information available about it, and most of what was out there was cloaked in sensationalism, which I wasn’t interested in.

I wanted facts. What was this phenomenon, and how did it work? I read the few books I could find about it, which only whetted my appetite for more understanding. In my eagerness to learn more, I had pajama parties in which my girlfriends and I tried to tune into the mysterious energy of the invisible by conducting seances to see if we could raise a table. It never worked (which, I discovered later, was a lucky thing).

For fifteen years, I read all the books I could find about spirituality and psychic awareness and studied numerology, palmistry, astrology, and Tarot. Then I discovered a bonanza – the Inner Peace Movement, a center for the study and practice of spiritual awareness and psychic development. I jumped in with both feet and swam in that fabulous ocean of inspiration for ten years, becoming a teacher and counselor in the process and eventually establishing my own practice.

Along with my interest in psychic awareness, I had a passion for psychology, which came from my curiosity about what makes people tick. I was absolutely fascinated by the book, The Snake Pit, by Mary Jane Ward, which was an account of her nervous breakdown and the treatment of it.

In college, where I majored in Fine Arts, I took a course in psychology with the idea of changing my major to psychology. However, I found that it wasn’t what I was looking for, even though I wasn’t clear about what I was looking for.

Thirty years later, I discovered the University of Santa Monica, a center for the study and practice of spiritual psychology, and completed their two-year program to receive my Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology. Again, I was in heaven and incorporated my new learning into my counseling and teaching practice.

In addition to these two foundational training programs, I received certification in two more groundbreaking programs that have added to the knowledge and inspiration I was seeking: The Transformational Breath Foundation, whose processes offer deep emotional healing without analysis, and The Crystal Awareness Institute where I learned to use quartz crystals to help people achieve both physical and emotional healing.

I finally had the foundation I was seeking in my desire to be of service to those who were suffering.

This blog will contain a great deal of information about who we are as spiritual beings having a physical experience and the gold mine we each have within us to achieve the fulfillment we are seeking. See you inside!

By liveyourpurposeloveyourlife

I'm a retired soul-centered psychotherapist. Along with doing research and art work, I want to share with you some ideas that may help you on your journey through life.

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